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Dear visitor,

our lawyer´s office exists in Palma de Mallorca since February 2000. The founding partners, Meuser & Benito, are both registered 'abogados' here in the Balearics; Mrs. Belen Benito Cebrian originally practised in Madrid (from 1991), including specialist work in Spanish civil construction law; Mr. Arno W Meuser originally practised as a German lawyer at the Hamburg regional court (from 1993) before moving to Barcelona where he became 'abogado' (from 1995).

Our Mallorca location ('The Hub of the South') means that we are able to serve the interests of our clients flexibly and at short notice throughout the whole of Spain as well as the rest of the EU.

Most of our work and our expertise is focused on advising clients wishing to sell or purchase private or commercial properties. In addition, we also offer a wealth of advisory services in connection with our main focus of activity, including private and public law, both extraprocedural (i.e. out of court) and procedural.

With best Regards,

Arno W. Meuser
Lawyer & Abogado